Prison Management

Prison Management
RECMAN delivers the features and functionality you need, no matter how large or small your jail facility. Automate business processes and drive efficiencies at intake, release, and everything in between. Integration among agencies provides immediate access to critical information about inmates, creating a chain of efficiencies, including the automatic flow of information from one agency to the next, while maintaining protective layers of security around sensitive data.

 Prison Management Solutions

Body-Worn Cameras
Body-worn cameras provide an objective record that can discourage bad behavior, decrease the likelihood of frivolous grievances and make it easier to investigate when incidents do occur
Management System
Easily upload, manage, and share video during the investigation process with RECMAN Body-Worn Cameras. Configure the system to fit your processes with adjustable retention policies, user permissions, and more. Store other files, including photos and CCTV footage, and share directly with law enforcement officials and attorneys.


Command Center
Manage - Monitor - Command - Control

Daily Monitoring  Arraignment ● Prisoner Escort