Service & Support
1. We are open Monday to Friday

9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST.

2. You need to consult the sales department about the freight. You can choose sea transportation, air transportation or ordinary express delivery. The price varies with different transportation methods.

3.Tariff to be borne by the buyer.

4.In case of any quality problem within one year, the warranty return/replacement (excluding freight) shall provide a video of the product failure or a text description of the failure.

Payment Method
T/T ;  L/C ;  Paypal ;  Western Union ;

1.Special Announcement: Before using the product, please read the Manual carefully. The Company shall not be held liable for any data loss due to incorrect manual operation or force majeure. We specially recommend that users make additional copies of the files in the device.

2.Images are for reference only. RECMAN reserves the right to change the color/appearance/design/parameters/product functions without prior notice.

Legal Restriction on Recording
1.Use of the recording function of this device is subject to the restrictions imposed by national laws. When recording the conversations or courses of others, you should respect the privacy and other rights of such persons.

2.Please note that in some countries, the user must notify the other party when he/she is recording his/her conversations with such other party. Otherwise, such recording activity might be considered as illegal. Please ensure the lawfulness of the recording activity in any applicable jurisdiction.

Background Data
Upon the activation of the system, the Company provides a one-year warranty. If you require our services after expiration of the warranty, please call Our Sales. Please make backup copies to prevent data loss to which the Company shall not be held liable.

FAQ & Support
This section has listed all the frequently asked questions to help you address the simple issues during use of the device. If such issues persist, please consult our dealers or Call our.

1.Unable to start 
The battery has run out and you need to charge your device.

2.Incorrect time/date
It means inaccurate timing setting. Please reset the time and date in the menu.

3.Unclear image/video 
Unclean lens has caused it. Please use clean cloth to clean it.

4.Unable to record audio/video 
The internal storage has run out. Please delete some of the files or transfer such files to external storage device.

5.Unable to play audio or video files
The battery is used up, please charge your device.

6.How to respond to dead halt
If you are unable to start the device, face black screen and operational failure, the normal technique is to reset: Pull out the USB and there is a small hole in the slot. Use a sharp tool to drill into the small hole.
Note: This operation will not cause data loss or destruction.