Public Safety

Public Safety

Preventing Crime, Protecting The Community!!!

Some law enforcement agencies across the P.R.C that have deployed body-worn cameras (BWCs) as an important tool to improve evidentiary outcomes, and enhance the safety of,and improve interactions between, officers and the public.First, the cameras are able to record objectively the circumstances of an interaction between the police and a member of the public. Second, the use of the devices can discourage both officers and civilians from engaging in inappropriate conduct that can be recorded. Their use is an important tool in increasing transparency in police-citizen interactions.

Industry Needs

The rapid development of society and technology has brought new challenges to public safety management, and the public safety network has moved from basic voice to the era of intelligent and broadband converged communication. In addition to basic voice communication, smart policing needs to realize the communication of multimedia services such as high-definition audio and video to meet the requirements of efficient command and dispatch. Real-time video backhaul, visual command and dispatch, etc.have become indispensable requirements for public safety communication solutions.

Law Enforcement Solutions

Body-Worn Cameras
The purpose of body-worn cameras is to record enforcement , investigative and other encounters between the police and the publ .They provide a contemporaneous,objective record of these encounters , facilitate review of events by supervisors , foster accountability , and encourage lawful and respectful interactions between the public and the police 
Management System
The Commander body camera works with management system, You will be able to watch live video from any Commander camera when your officers are out in the field. In the event of an Emergency, Officers can activate our Emergency SOS Connect Feature,With positioning, you can quickly find the location, and the commander can coordinate the command


Police Command Center
Manage - Monitor - Command - Control

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